About us

Founded in 2006, our mission is to conduct independent education researches and to provide innovative, creative training programs.

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Headstart International, Da Nang

Meet the academic minds, bringing creativity blended with academic contents to international learning environment. Living in the world with friends from around the globe, special training for innovative education concepts, we as a team work together to solve real world problems, attend intellectual debates and explore happiness in a very unique way.

LUK Global, Saigon Campus, FPT University

Most updated program in 100% English environment from Headstart Research Centre – Headstart International – for students in Vietnam and around the world to train 21st century skills, to develop a global mindset, to become life-long learners – Global Citizens.

Little Australia, Hanoi, Swinburne Vietnam

The culture of academic arguments, using evidence, reasons, and facts to confirm an opinion is encouraged. This is how the practice of decision making happens, with critical thinking and problem solving mindset. We discuss and research on global issues, find out solutions and bring the debate into real life.

Acadia21 School, Hanoi

New ways of learning, new ways of thinking, new ways of work and new hands-on tools. This is the new level of education provided by world experts’ best knowledge and research experiences in neuroscience. This is our children, the future, growing up to be living in the world.

Devi Learn, Hoi An

Children learn to be farmers, water savers, waste warriors, planting rice, growing herbs in gardens, train their survival skills in nature. Most natural way to grow the confidence and skills for the future of the world, our beloved children.